An Answer to Markus Hallinger

I have read this poem from Markus Hallinger in Jahrbuch der Lyrik 2020. What struck me was the contrast between the suggestion to stay very factual with another person and in the process of doing so, already conveying something beyond the words.
bald schon
werde ich
zwischen den zeilen
tanzen den reih'n
alles was mir
gegeben ist wird
durchschimmernd sein
und wir werden
uns sehen
ganz so wie einst
als wir uns
noch nicht
nur dachten
da fliegt ein vogel
zum fenster herein


The knowledge project –

Dr. Sue Johnson: Cracking the Code of Love

After listening to this podcast, I wrote the following:

I am calling you, love,
I call for you now
I need your attention
I need you now

But you carry on
Follow your own way
It is OK
Don't worry
I will do the same

Our secret garden in the air
Will disappear into nowhere
All the paths that led us there
Will fall prey to weeds

The birds that sung 
Over our sleepless nights 
Will sing again
You will hear them
And I

And maybe 
At the same time
We will remember the we
That was there
Once in a while