my love

This happens, when I cannot sleep and Leonard Cohen continues to sing in my head.

my love is love
is loving, dear
and with my love 
i'll draw you near
in my words 
you’ll hear your dreams defined
in my eyes 
you’ll find yourself alive

my love, don’t take 
my love too light
for as sweet, as cheerful 
and as bright
it may look like 
in the sunlight 
as dark it gets without the light
and in darkness will obsess you
in silence will bequest you

for all my love
so sweet so light
i've pulled you close 
and held you tight
so tight that 
you can see no other light
just my skin glowing
and every single night
you now lie awake 
to miss my eyes

and love, with this
you know it all
my spell, my charm,
my harming warmth,
transformed you, all 
you thought was yours
my secrets make you moan again
one more step and we’ll be gone